[ə • LOH • hah]

Hawaiian word for love, affection, peace, compassion, mercy, gratitude. (common) hello. goodbye, (deeper) "alo" in the presence of, "ha" the breath of life.
Howz'it! 🤙🏼 I'm Aude [AW • dee]
As a creative in the design industry for more than 20 years, I’ve worn many hats—from senior designer to art/creative/marketing director—nurturing my passion to serve entrepreneurs, nonprofits and creative agencies. However, I have found that brand strategy and identity to be a most effective way to 1) capture, connect and captivate ideal clients, and to 2) evaluate, execute and even exceed business goals. 
In 2008, audesign sprouted as a modest design studio, but today has taken root as a creative collective powered by proven entrepreneurial specialists who are experts in their fields. We help local, regional, national and international “world changers” to thrive by simply leveraging their underused and often overlooked asset—their brand.
An established agency well worth your time and trust.
Work with a partner who is innovative and creative enough to bring new, unique perspectives to the table, while working openly and collaboratively throughout the entire project. Launch large projects confidently, without the stress and worry. We will do the heavy lifting, so you are free to do what you do best. FRESH.

Don’t just strive to survive. Be fruitful.
Work with a partner who gains consensus among multiple stakeholders and acts as an impartial advocate for your product, your customers, and the spirit of your mission. With our background in visual storytelling, our unique approach to a collaborative workflow, you will benefit from award-winning design solutions and meaningful brand experiences. SWEET.

A bountiful harvest: bespoke, beautiful and beloved brands.
Work with a partner who applies design and strategic thinking to acquire ideal clients and grow devoted constituents. Move your tribe members from casual to consistent to "can't-get-enough." The bottom line: what matters most is your success—measurable, achievable, surpassable. EXTRA.
Brand Facilitation
  Brand Strategy & Audit
  Content Strategy
  Direct Response Strategy
  Discovery & Research
  Marketing Campaigns
  Social Media Marketing

Creative Services
  E-Commerce & Shopify
  Editorial & PublicationDesign
  Environmental & Signage
  Packaging Design
  Print Collateral
  UX / UI
  Website Design

Custom Content
  Photography & Video
  Product Prototyping
  Script Development
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